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Our Rent Guarantee

Whenever we talk to landlords, they always tell us their biggest problem the fear of non-paying tenants.

This is why we introduced our new Rent Guarantee Scheme.

  • Will you be able to pay the mortgage if the tenant doesn’t pay?
  • Worried your rent will be in on time to pay the mortgage?
  • What if your tenant stops paying completely or loses their job?
  • What if they refuse to leave when asked to?

Most letting agents will do all they can to find a quality tenant but circumstances change and your tenant may stop paying. You still have to pay the mortgage with your own means and you may even have to pay solicitor and court fees in order to have the tenant evicted.

You get peace of mind…

Our Rent Guarantee Scheme guarantees your rent if the tenant stops paying, and unlike the rent guarantee insurances offered by other agents, there is no excess to pay! This service is a full management service and includes everything from our tenant find and full management services.

Your deposit is safeguarded…

With traditional rent guarantee products, there’s an excess to pay and they might not even pay out.
With our ground-breaking new Rent Guarantee Scheme, it changes everything:

  • Rent arrives every month – GUARANTEED
  • FULL legal expenses paid if tenant needs to be evicted
  • Deposit is SAFEGUARDED for damages – not used to cover arrears.
  • Court action is paid for.

Our Rent Guarantee Scheme will also pay out full legal expenses if the tenant breaks the terms of their lease and needs to be evicted. In addition, the tenant’s deposit is safeguarded for damages and not used to cover arrears, as is often the case with traditional management services.

To arrange a free, no obligation market appraisal of your property give us a call on 01382 214488